The Reason Behind – Turning A Blind Eye

Turning A Blind Eye is a heart-wrenching and educational nonfictional story inspired by the harsh reality of child sexual abuse. The story will take you on a journey with a child that experiences sexual abuse from a family friend. Chantel the main character is then silenced as her family attempts to protect the predator and the ongoing abuse.  The book not only teaches the reader about the experience’s childhood sexual assault victims face, but it gives insights on how to conquer them. 

 Sexual abuse alone can cause tremendous negative impacts on a child. However, when children fall victim to those they are supposed to love most, another level of unexplainable pain and shame is added.

The Author, Te’Writes found importance in shining light into the darkness of this subject to bring the readers a sense of understanding and takeaways to help childhood abuse victims. 

 Although the characters are fictional, the novel was inspired by the author’s experiences of sexual abuse of minors in her family. The firsthand perspective allows the author to give deep insights into the story of survivors.
Unfortunately, these experiences are not unique. 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experienced sexual abuse at the hands of an adult. Most likely, these children fall victim to adults in their life. This statistic alone was enough reason for Te’Writes to tell her story. The novel allows a space where survivors can relate to the characters’ experiences and find help to take steps towards healing.

You do not need to have had an experience of childhood sexual assault to take key lessons away from this novel. Hearing stories of child sexual abuse victims can educate readers to help children in their lives if needed.

Children that are hurt and sexualized by adults close to them will feel that sex measures self-worth, their boundaries don’t matter and that no one can be trusted. These children will also likely show red flags in behavior as a sign of them responding to their traumas.
Turning A Blind Eye will help teach those around children to spot these signs to alleviate children from their abuser. Therefore, the story can truly be educational and helpful for a parent to read.
As well, the author wrote the novel to help victims break their silence. Which will give more of a chance to help protect children from pedophiles and end the patterns of abuse. When the abuse happens, however, mental health impacts will linger. The lessons throughout the books
can be used as a great  resource as it is written to help children realize they deserve more than what happened to them.